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Kyleen Garcia

KG Foils

KG Foils

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Enhance your coloring experience with our meticulously crafted pop-up foils, designed to meet the demands of professional stylists like you. With 500 sheets per box, our foils ensure you have an ample supply to tackle any coloring job with confidence and ease (And they are SO cute!) The Smile design is sure to have that effect on your clients :) 

Crafted with precision, our foils boast the perfect thickness – not too heavy for fine hair, yet sturdy enough to provide a solid surface for flawless color application. Say goodbye to compromises and hello to consistent, impeccable results every time.

Experience convenience like never before with our innovative pop-up design. No more fumbling with foil rolls – the bottom of the foil box conveniently folds in, allowing you to effortlessly push up foils as the box runs low. This ensures uninterrupted workflow, saving you valuable time and energy during busy salon hours.

Forget the frustration of dealing with foils that stick together. Our premium foils are meticulously engineered to stay separated, so you can pull out a single foil without any hassle. No more wasted time peeling apart multiple foils – with our pop-up design, you get precisely what you need, when you need it.

Elevate your coloring game and indulge in the luxury of premium pop-up foils. Whether you're creating subtle highlights or bold transformations, our foils are your ultimate ally in achieving stunning, salon-quality results every time. Join the ranks of elite stylists who trust our foils for their craft – because when it comes to excellence, there's no room for compromise.

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